Sunglasses for Women.

It doesn't matter if it’s winter or summer, sunglasses are the perfect item for your outfit all year long.

Sunglasses for Women

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Answers to your frequent questions

Sunglasses must comply with the European standard EN 1836: 2006, which establishes the 5 levels of filters and crystal treatments to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. From sunscreen 0 (very clear lenses for indoor use or cloudy skies) to sunscreen 4 (very dark lenses for high light, skiing or go climbing). Sunglasses must also have the CE mark, which is the European Union guarantee seal.

Polarized lenses have a special filter that blocks reflections produced by the sun on horizontal surfaces, such as light reflected from the sea, snow, road or asphalt. Therefore, they are especially recommended for driving, sailing, skiing or cycling.

With a very simple trick! Place the glasses horizontally in front of a computer or mobile screen, as if you were wearing it. Rotate them until they go vertical and, if the lenses are polarized, you will see how the image on the screen is “blocked” (doesn’t move) or get darker through the lenses.

Yes. When you choose your sunglasses you have the option of being able to graduate them. We offer you different options to obtain your graduation.

We are a team of short-sighted friends who have joined forces to revolutionise the optical sector.

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Don't let them fool you: prescription glasses are a health product, not a luxury.

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