Sunglasses for Men.

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Sunglasses for Men

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Answers to your frequent questions

Polarized lenses are the ideal ones when driving, because they can eliminate the annoying sun reflections on the road or in the windows of other cars. Your sunscreen must be a maximum category of 3. Take into account that some colored lenses may have restrictions, for example lenses with a minimum transmission of 75% (all class 0 and some class 1) are the only ones that can be used for night driving.

Do not dry clean them because you would scratch the lenses. Rinse them with plenty of fresh water to remove sand and gently rub both sides of the lenses with a mild soap (hand soap is fine) and then rinse again with water. Finally, dry both lenses and frames with a cleaner or a soft tissue, especially if it is metal to prevent oxidizing.

These lenses darken when put in contact with ultraviolet light. In outdoor spaces they can become so dark that they can be compared to a category 3 sunglasses (it depends on the type of photochromic and the lighting conditions and also on temperature), while in indoor spaces, where no ultraviolet rays, they are rinsed out, practically transparent (90% light transmission) prescription glasses.

Polarized lenses protect the eyes from UV radiation, and this protection depends on their UV filter. We must demand at least a 99%.

About the light intensity that passes through the lenses, it depends on its filter. Category 0 allows almost all light to pass through, lenses are almost transparent, and Category 4 filters are so dark that they hardly allow light to pass through (they transmit only 3% to 8%).

A degraded lens is darker in the upper area than in the lower area, and normally it’s not of a high Category, because we are not looking for maximum light blocking in this case.

Mirrored lenses reflect some of the light that hits them. They are recommended for water sports and snow, and other situations in which light intensity is very high and comes not only from the sun but also from the reflection on the ground or in the water. The combination with polarized lenses is especially suitable in extreme sports (mirrored + polarized lenses).

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