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Against those who think that affordable sunglasses means low quality.


Answers to your frequent questions

Brown, grey and green filters are the ones that alter the way you see colors the less.


By increasing the visual contrast, these filters suit the best for low light conditions, such as fog, heavy overcast or night driving. They are not recommended on sunny days or high light situations.

Buying sunglasses that do not meet the safety criteria could have severe consequences on your visual health.

  • Distortions, deformations and blurring that affect the way you see.
  • Risk of glare and alteration of colors that, if you are driving, can lead to car accidents.
  • Dizziness, fatigue, headaches, eyestrain, as well as inflammation and burns on the eyelids as they are not filtering out harmful UV radiation.

We are a team of short-sighted friends who have joined forces to revolutionise the optical sector.

We are here to show you the reality.

Don't let them fool you: prescription glasses are a health product, not a luxury.

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