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Answers to your frequent questions

The quality of prescription glasses is essential to guarantee your perfect visual health. Plus, eyeglasses with an incorrect prescription can cause you visual disorders. Remember! We offer you a free eye-test thanks to our national network of professional ophthalmologists.

  • Acetate frames: the most common ones, they can be manufactured in infinite colors and shapes, and are easier to adapt to thicker lenses (high diopters).
  • Metal frames: usually lighter than acetate, they provide better air flow to cheekbones and eyes. They are also stronger if compared to the previous ones.
  • Titanium frames: the luxury material in the optical sector for its flexibility and resistance, which is why its price is usually higher.
  • ULTEM frames: offer superior quality in terms of resistance, lightness, elasticity and memory due to the complete composition of this material.

There are 2 main classes of prescription lenses on the market:

  • Mineral lenses: they were used most in the past but they are more fragile if they drop.
  • Organic lenses: the ones we use in GreyGlasses. They are much more resistant to breakage and their density is lower, which makes them much lighter. They are very malleable, so they can be adapted to any type of frame. In addition, they can be dyed in any color and filter UV rays by 98%.

No, because the distortion in the size of the eye (whether it appears smaller or bigger) when wearing glasses is determined by the prescription of the lenses. Regardless of the index chosen, the eyes may appear smaller (myopia) or bigger (hyperopia) and this is why it is very important to choose the most appropriate frame depending on your visual defect. If you have any doubt, we’ll recommend you in real time via chat!

Prescription lenses can be given different treatments. We will always include in your GreyGlasses:

  • Anti-scratch: to be more resistant to scratches .. eye! It does not mean that the lenses are immortal, if it falls it will probably end up with some scratches, but with this treatment we get them to last longer and intact.
  • Anti-reflective: allows a higher quality of vision and improves the aesthetics if someone’s looking at you.

In addition, all our prescription glasses can be upgraded with the blue light filter, that serves to protect your eyes from the harmful lights emitted by the screens of your computer, tablet, phone and other electronic devices.

We are a team of short-sighted friends who have joined forces to revolutionise the optical sector.

We are here to show you the reality.

Don't let them fool you: prescription glasses are a health product, not a luxury.

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