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"The Boss"


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"Crazy Optician"


"Graphic designer, actually I’m a multitasker"

We are a team of short-sighted friends who have joined forces to revolutionise the optical sector.

We created our own brand and we’ll show you the reality.

We believe in the Give Back philosophy

We are from 3 nationalities: Spanish, Italian, and Venezuelan

The average age is 28 years old

When buying glasses, we rarely know what we are actually paying for. They talk to you about miraculous glasses filters that you don’t know anything about and end up buying a product that costs €300.

Are glasses a luxury item? We don’t believe so and our mission is to show you the truth.

Want to join the Revolution? Tell us who you are by sending an email to hola@greyhounders.com, we are looking forward to meeting you.

Our mission

We are taking a stand to those who make us believe that prescription glasses are a luxury item.

We are a new generation of opticians and we aim to do things differently.

Times change, so must optics.


¿From 300€?

¡No! ¡From 69€!

¿Por qué gastas tanto dinero en tus lentes recetadas?

"Porque nadie está haciendo nada para evitar que una industria casi monopólica, de $ 100 mil millones, abuse de su poder de mercado descaradamente ..." - Los Angeles Times, enero de 2019.

La compleja cadena de suministro junto con los intermediarios del sector óptico son la causa de las altas tarifas para el usuario final.

Cuantos más intermediarios, mayores serán los márgenes.

How many intermediaries does GreyGlasses have?

Just one, our optical laboratory.

We work with one of the most prestigious optical laboratories in Spain.

Since 1969 they have improved people's vision and since 2018 they are our ally in the Revolution.


We are a team of short-sighted friends who have joined forces to revolutionise the optical sector.

We are here to show you the reality.

Don't let them fool you: prescription glasses are a health product, not a luxury.

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Contact: hola@greyglasses.com

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